The Meme Illuminati: Behind Instagram’s Comedy Empire

The Meme Illuminati: Behind Instagram’s Comedy Empire featured image publisher

The Meme Illuminati: Behind Instagram’s Comedy Empire …

In 2020, he who rules the memes, it seems, rules the world — or at least the world as we see it online.

Memes are no longer just jokes on the internet. As the 2010s saw random image macros and Impact font get overtaken in relevancy by square white boxes with photos and cartoons captioned with Arial or Montserrat text, the decade also witnessed the meme-ification of everyone and everything vital in politics, pop culture and the arts.

Suddenly the measure of a moment’s cultural importance often hinged on the number of memes it generated. (Remember Nancy Pelosi’s State of the Union clap, Baby Yoda or Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s extremely close Oscars performance?) In some cases, memes went from being a reflection of culture to the driving force behind it. (See: The contingent who believe Pepe the Frog and “meme magic” helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election.)

We’re living in a time when attention spans are rapidly shrinking and if “the medium is the message,” memes are uniquely well-suited for our age. And there’s a massive amount of influence to be found for those making them. Not surprisingly, there’s now a glut of meme accounts across multiple social media platforms but amidst all of the noise, one growing Instagram meme empire stands out: Doing Things Media.

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