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We drove awareness that “The Joe Rogan Experience” was now on Spotify.

@Shitheadsteve worked with Anheuser Busch to promote the launch of Bud Light Selter

@Shitheadsteve works with Hulu to drive awareness for Hulu’s original animated hit Solar Opposites.


@Shitheadsteve works with Anheuser Busch to build awareness for Bud Light

@Shitheadsteve works with Activision to promote Call of Duty.

@Shitheadsteve helped T-Mobile differentiate themselves from their competitors.

@Shithead works with Dole to drive awareness for the brand’s Fruit Bowls campaign.

@Shithead works with Ford to drive awareness for the release of the Ford Bronco and their promotional film starring Walton Goggins.

@Shitheadsteve works with HBO Max to drive awareness for their film American Pickle.