Did you know that memes are shared 7x more than any other content on Instagram?

With 60+ million followers across 20+ original meme brands — like Shitheadsteve, Middle Class Fancy, No Chaser and Gamers Doing Things — Doing Things has their finger on the pulse of cultural relevance and can organically and authentically do the same for your brand.




We partnered with McDonald’s to announce the McRib was back.


We drove awareness that “The Joe Rogan Experience” was now on Spotify.


We drove entries to Jose Cuervo’s “Doopeldrinker” giveaway.

We create cultural relevance for Hulu’s new titles and drive subscriptions.


We drove excitement around HBO Max’s first original film.

We make new Call of Duty releases a cultural moment.

We worked with Anheuser Busch to promote the launch of Bud Light Seltzer during the 2020 Super Bowl in conjunction with the brand’s Super Bowl commercial.

We helped T-Mobile differentiate themselves from their competitors.

We partnered with Dunkin’ to own National Coffee Day on Instagram.


We help maintain cultural relevance for Bud Light across social media.


We integrated Dole Fruit Bowls into meme culture to drive engagement and cultural relevance around the brand.

We built cultural relevance for the TaxAct brand with a younger digitally engaged generation.

We partnered with Bud Light and Igloo to drive cultural relevance and raise money for coronavirus relief efforts.

Doing Things Media is proud to launch the first-ever MemeFronts where you can learn how brands are driving unparalleled results through meme marketing and culturally relevant marketing.

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